Barbecue Ribs

barbecue ribs

We provide tasty barbecue ribs in Cheyenne, WY. We never settle for good enough; we go above and beyond for your sake. We exceed expectations for a hamburger restaurant and that's why customers appreciate our amazing service. You will always receive our full effort and attention.

The Bunkhouse features a full bar with eight different beers on tap. We might be country but we have what you need to wet your whistle. If you plan to try one on out here feel free to arrive in your camper and sleep it off in the parking lot free of charge!

Bunkhouse Bar & Grill has a great track record in American food. We've never let a customer down. When you see the Bunkhouse Bar & Grill difference for yourself, there's no going back. If you know anyone who wants to visit a good old fashioned American restaurant, go ahead and spread the word. Bunkhouse Bar & Grill is here to answer your needs.